A Proven Roadmap For Success…

Starting a new venture is exciting but can also be nerve racking. Remember that you are in business for yourself but not by yourself, don't hesitate to reach up and ask for help. Most importantly trust in the path that's been paved before you. We've already made the mistakes, you don't have to! Decades of experience and years of fine tuning have gone into the simple system before you, make a commitment to follow this system step-by-step, and it will work for you too!

Step 1 – Jumpstart Training

This is the foundation we will build upon in the next step. You can skip this step if you've already been through Jumpstart training in PowerZone or a local event, but it never hurts to get a refresher!

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Step 2 – 526 Blitz Training

Learn how to promote to Regional Consultant and into profit in as little as 7 days through the proper use of the EnergyGoldRush system for maximum recruiting efficiency.

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Step 3 – Setup EnergyGoldRush System

Make your prospecting simple, effective and efficient with the EnergyGoldRush system. In just a few minutes you will be up and running.

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Step 4 – Download 526 Blitz Action Plan

Download & print the 526 Blitz Outline & Action Plan document as a field guide for your own personal 526 Blitz Action Plan.


Step 5 – Help Us Help You…
Share Your 526 Blitz Action Plan

For us to help you we need to know why you're in the business and what your game plan is going to be. This step is CRITICAL! This is YOUR business and we're here to provide support and guidance, but we can't without knowing what your end goal is.